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We modified these parts of our web-site from scratch. You can find them now as part of our Training Site. There you will find a steadily growing offer of free training and resources. You can access these resources via an anonymous guest login, without registration, but you also can register with your e-mail address and password to receive update information about new training and to participate in the forums.

Some of the resources and training are not free. You can buy them via PayPal after you registered in the Training Site. Instead of a newsletter we will inform registered users from time to time about new available training and resources.

A forum is included for each resource or training where registered users can participate in discussions about the respective topic.


Training and Resources

The following training and resources are currently available on our Training Site:

Software Development Process Training

Name Description
Software Development
This FREE training explains the following traditional Software Development Process Models:
  • The Waterfall Model
  • The V-Cycle
  • The Spiral Model (not published yet)
Process Templates
Description of the Process Templates offered for download.
Process Templates
Download of the Process Templates (see above description). The costs for the download are 35.00 EUR. You will be asked to pay via PayPal if you select the resource.
SGML based tool chain
for software
This course explains the benefits of SGML based documentation and how to use the related resources. This resource is free. There are a lot of valuable downloads.
SGML Starter Kit
Download of the SGML files and templates (see above description). The costs for the download are 39.00 EUR. You will be asked to pay via PayPal if you select the resource.


Software Design Training

Name Description
Software Design for
Safety Critical
Microcontroller Systems
This course teaches you about how a good software can be designed for safety critical micro-controller systems. Some bad examples are shown and it will be explained how to avoid them. Further it will be explained that only by a good design like shown in this course it is possible to implement important properties like portability, testability and maintainability. Starting with the static and dynamic aspects of the software architecture, we go into module design in an object oriented manner. Questionnaires and exercises will help you to deepen the topics of this course. The costs for this online course are 99.00 EUR. You will be asked to pay via PayPal if you select the course.


In-house Training Courses

There are various trainings I can offer to be held as in-house training in your company.

The courses address special design, coding or testing problems. Throughout the years I gathered a lot of material. Some years ago the Universities of Applied Sciences in Ingolstadt and Regensburg, Germany asked me to do lectures on design and testing topics for micro-controllers. For this I had to sort, structure and refine my material. I supplemented it with a lot of examples and exercises until it reached the current state. It is a series of lectures which comes from a sound practical background of microcontroller programming on many platforms and for many applications, but which also fulfils the academic standards of university teaching.

Now I also offer this training to a wider audience. Therefore I would be glad to receive your requests for in-house trainings. You can use our contact sheet for this. The following training is available:

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